Leading in today’s world can be difficult. E-commerce has changed the landscape of business, and our global economy is constantly evolving which can make the day-to-day aspects of business difficult to navigate. You probably know your trade inside and out.

Have you ever thought about the way you lead your organization?

There may be circumstances out of your control, but you can control how you lead in our fast paced world. It’s the soft skills of business that often get overlooked but are so important to the success of organizations.

Are you working out of your weaknesses and not your strengths?

Do you even know what your strengths are?

Do you know how to delegate?

Have you ever thought through the personalities of those you lead?

When you run a meeting, are people engaged?

Are your people actually working during their day or are they checked out?

Do you know how to communicate properly with your followers?

Do you act more like a leader or a manager?

We all have had that one boss who talked down to us, who asked for ideas only to shoot them down, and who generally had no idea how to lead. The only leadership example you may have had was of a boss who could not lead. Do you think they even knew they were a bad leader?

People don’t usually quit a job, they quit their boss. Don’t be the reason that a talented employee goes elsewhere. Be the reason they stay.

Join me as you grow in becoming a better leader than you were yesterday.


So Your Boss Can’t Lead? will be available fall 2019!