Month: June 2015

What I Learned from Sheriff Callie

If we define leadership as anyone who has influence, we can define leadership in the same way for cartoon characters. I have a three-year-old which means we watch a lot of Disney Junior. Some of the shows are educational, and some are just downright horrible to watch. It is amazing to me how many now …

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Why You Need to Be Intentional

Do you ever think an event or time that is 5 years away is going to take forever to get here and then all of a sudden that time has arrived?  It’s been five years in a flash? It is something you have anticipated doing. You set goals. You made a plan. Yet in the …

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4 Steps to Help You Get Unstuck in Life

I like to think that I have it all together and can conquer it all. The reality is, that I am far from what I could potentially be. This is due to my own mindset. I often doubt how smart I am or compare myself to what others are accomplishing, and I put myself in …

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