The One Thing That Is Everything in Organizations

anonymous employees using computers in creative coworking space near laptop on table

I remember when I entered my first leadership role, overseeing a diverse group of individuals of all ages. I came in with particular ideas and an action plan. I sat back and watched how they functioned. I quickly realized they had a strong organizational culture that I was not a part of. I observed how […]

It’s the Qualities That Matter

photo of people doing handshakes

I love a good sitcom. Let’s be honest, I love watching tv. It helps me tune out from the worries of this world. There are some characters that I resonate with and others that just seem to bug me. I always seem to assess the bosses and leaders within these fictional shows. I’ll look at […]

5 Quotes to Help Change Your Mindset

I used to hate Mondays something fierce. It was hard to want to get out of bed. Then, I discovered that I had the ability to love Mondays if I changed my mindset. A year later I was able to start my own business and leave that job behind, but the shift in mindset helped […]