Hire and Retain the Right Team Members with Employee Value Proposition

Keeping employees in this day and age is turning out to be more difficult than most companies expect. Between the great resignation and quiet quitting, there has been a turnover and upheaval in the business world. The great resignation saw individuals quitting due to toxic work environments, bad bosses, greater opportunities, and more money, which […]

Why Your Organization Needs an Accountability Chart

If you aren’t moving your business forward, ask yourself this one question… Does everyone know what they are accountable for in their role in our organization? Often, the reason there are issues in the organization with productivity is there is no real accountability. The team is confused about who is responsible for what. Goals aren’t […]

3 Ways to Improve Self-Awareness as a Leader

It is easier to point out the issues with other people than to see where we fall short, am I right? But learning to understand ourselves is the key to being a great leader. Self-awareness is one of those words that gets tossed around in the world today. A person who has a great level […]

So What If There Is Employee Engagement In An Organization?

So what if there is employee engagement in an organization? If you are a business owner, director of a department, or supervisor, you know that it can make all the difference even if you have never put a term to it. When people are all in with an organization, they show up to work, they […]