70% is Forgotten the Next Day

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Have you ever started a job, trained for the position, and then you didn’t revisit most of the information you learned? Training should be an ongoing part of any job, but often that training only comes in the form of a new process or product where it is necessary to learn it. You should have […]

6 Ways to Increase Your Conflict Capacity as a Leader

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Leadership is all about building capacity. As you build capacity in one area, you often find an area that you need to improve upon and begin to build capacity in that other area. As a leader in your organization, or life, you should want to constantly improve. Sometimes that is improving areas you are stronger […]

Are You the Leader You Want to Be?

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Leadership. Such a small word with great impact. Leaders come in all varieties. There are leaders who have power and influence because of who they are or what they know. Some leaders who have power due to their position. There are leaders who don’t even know they are leaders, or don’t believe they are leaders. […]

Online Meetings: The Way of the Future

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In the workplace, at least a lot of workplaces, meetings can get out of control. Meetings are called when there isn’t a meeting needed. The year of 2020 was the year we found out which meetings could actually be an email instead of a meeting. That was the best 2 days of the working world. […]