Category: Leadership

Is it Just a Transaction?

Your worldview plays a part in how you view everything. I wasn’t sure what a worldview was until I was in grad school. In its most basic terms, your worldview is the underlying belief or philosophy of how you view society and individuals. If you believe that people have intrinsic value, you will treat them …

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Focus on Strategies, Not Goals

How many of you have set personal or professional goals, only to never see them come to fruition? *raises hand* I have set many goals in my life. Sometimes I was serious about them. Sometimes I wasn’t. Goals are simply your desired outcome. Its saying, in the end, I want to be at xx point. …

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Deposits and Withdrawals in Leadership

Leadership is about relationships. You became a leader because of your title, but in this place you aren’t a true leader, you are a boss. Your people respect you because you are in a position of authority. You become a leader in the truest sense when your role has expanded into a true relationship. Leadership …

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