4 Ways to Help With Your Decision Fatigue as a Business Owner and Leader

How many decisions do you have to make in a day? If you are a business owner or oversee a department in an organization, multiply that by a lot. I say a lot because the number of decisions you have to make most likely fluctuates from day to day. You are constantly faced with making […]

4 Ways to Combat Quiet Quitting

In recent years, there has been a new phenomenon in the workplace called “quiet quitting.” It refers to the situation where an employee decides to quit their job, but instead of handing in their resignation letter, they simply withdraw from their work, disengages from their colleagues, and avoid any confrontation or discussion with their employer. […]

Why Your Organization Needs an Accountability Chart

If you aren’t moving your business forward, ask yourself this one question… Does everyone know what they are accountable for in their role in our organization? Often, the reason there are issues in the organization with productivity is there is no real accountability. The team is confused about who is responsible for what. Goals aren’t […]

3 Ways to Improve Self-Awareness as a Leader

It is easier to point out the issues with other people than to see where we fall short, am I right? But learning to understand ourselves is the key to being a great leader. Self-awareness is one of those words that gets tossed around in the world today. A person who has a great level […]