Is it really a time management issue?

round silver colored analog stopwatch on brown wooden panel

You ever have so much you want to get done but the to-do list ends with the same number of items on it as you started, yet you crossed things off? Odds are, you have a priority management problem, not a time management problem. My daughter is this same way and it is something we […]

Deposits and Withdrawals in Leadership

Leadership is about relationships. You became a leader because of your title, but in this place you aren’t a true leader, you are a boss. Your people respect you because you are in a position of authority. You become a leader in the truest sense when your role has expanded into a true relationship. Leadership […]

John F. Kennedy and the Janitor at NASA: Why Vision is Important

Where there is no vision the people will perish. What a great line that is prevalent today. Maybe not perish, but definitely not be engaged. We are living in unprecedented times. Now more than ever you need to have a strong leadership base, know how you lead so you can lead others well, and a […]