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Focus on Strategies, Not Goals

How many of you have set personal or professional goals, only to never see them come to fruition? *raises hand* I have set many goals in my life. Sometimes I was serious about them. Sometimes I wasn’t. Goals are simply your desired outcome. Its saying, in the end, I want to be at xx point. …

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The First Step is Often the Hardest

Taking the first step, whether it’s on your health journey, looking for another job, setting a boundary, starting a new business,  or getting started on your journey to become a better leader, is always the hardest. Usually fear keeps us from taking the step we know we need to take. The first step is often …

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7 Steps to Achieve Your Goals

The word goals conjures up all kinds of emotions. Then when you talk about achieving a goal, even more feelings come to the surface. Thoughts of past goals achieved and those not achieved flood the mind. When I have achieved a goal, one of the most surprising questions I get asked is “how did you …

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