Is it really a time management issue?

round silver colored analog stopwatch on brown wooden panel

You ever have so much you want to get done but the to-do list ends with the same number of items on it as you started, yet you crossed things off? Odds are, you have a priority management problem, not a time management problem. My daughter is this same way and it is something we […]

Does It Take Less Than 5 Minutes?

  As leaders, we are all really busy, right?  Most of us aren’t only leaders in our own organization, but we are volunteering in other places, we have families, and there is just a lot going on.  Due to how crazy life can be, I try to live by the 5 minutes or less rule.  […]

The First Step is Often the Hardest

Taking the first step, whether it’s on your health journey, looking for another job, setting a boundary, starting a new business,  or getting started on your journey to become a better leader, is always the hardest. Usually fear keeps us from taking the step we know we need to take. The first step is often […]