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The Creative Meets the Practical

“Where did that idea go?!”

I have had that thought more than once. There is not much more frustrating than having an idea and then not remember that amazing idea a couple of minutes later. I seem to do this in many areas of my life, from an article idea, a new thought regarding a coaching client, down to walking into the other room to do something for one of my kids.

Being a creative type who is always thinking about new concepts on productivity, purposefulness, work-life balance, and leadership, I found I was not capturing the ideas that floated into my brain. Some of my best ideas come when I am doing mindless tasks and the others seem to come during very specific situations. I realized as with everything else in my life, I had to find a practical way to capture my creative ideas.

The Creative Meets the Practical

Being creative in and of itself is great. However, if you can’t capture those ideas to share with others, or even remember it yourself 5 minutes later, it does not good.

Today, I am over at Horkey Handbook sharing some practical steps for generating and capturing your ideas. Join me as we discuss How to Get Ideas for Freelance Writing.

Here’s to the Journey,

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4 Reasons You Need to Finish What You Start

I love to jump at the chance of new opportunities. I thrive in growing myself both personally and professionally. I have always loved to write. In an online community I am in, I came across the opportunity to join a freelance writing course.

As I’ve shared before, we all have something to say. We all have a voice, a message, that needs to be heard. This course, 30 Days or Less to Freelance Writing Success, was to provide a step by step guide to starting a freelance writing career.

Like a lot of things I start, I didn’t quite finish in the amount of time I thought I would. But I vowed to finish the course, and I did!

Click here to head on over to Horkey Handbook to learn 4 Reasons You Need to Finish What You Start.

Finish What You Start

Here’s to the Journey!

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