What You Need to Know to Guide Your Actions

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Most people don’t understand their core values. Or they understand and communicate some of their values but not the depths of their core values. One of the most important parts of leadership hinges on knowing them. Everything you do in life comes out of your values. Core values are the fundamental beliefs that guide or […]

The One Thing That Is Everything in Organizations

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I remember when I entered my first leadership role, overseeing a diverse group of individuals of all ages. I came in with particular ideas and an action plan. I sat back and watched how they functioned. I quickly realized they had a strong organizational culture that I was not a part of. I observed how […]

It’s the Qualities That Matter

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I love a good sitcom. Let’s be honest, I love watching tv. It helps me tune out from the worries of this world. There are some characters that I resonate with and others that just seem to bug me. I always seem to assess the bosses and leaders within these fictional shows. I’ll look at […]